Kristina Westin – What A Night (CD)

“What A Night” is the first track that listeners will hear when they put in the eponymous CD, and what issues forth is a blend of Tori Amos and Ani DiFranco that showcases equal amounts spirit and talent. Westin’s vocals match perfectly the guitars, drums, and pianos laid down by her backing band. What results with this introductory salvo is nothing less than a single that should garner heavy play on college and alternative radio. “Fever” has a more classic feel to it that will impress fans of Dolly Parton as well as Stevie Nicks.

At all points during “Fever”, there is a current, vibrant approach taken that makes this music germane for today. While each element of Westin’s music is solid in its own right, I feel that her vocals are what continually shine here. The marked middle of “What A Night is “Reasons”. This five-plus minute effort by Westin is a perfect outing by a mature musician. The tender loving care in which this track is laid out ensures that the song sticks with listeners long after it ends. While the instrumentation on “Reasons” may be fairly Spartan, each element unites to create something decidedly larger than its constituent pieces. “I’m A War” speeds things up, with a very chaotic sound becoming the norm for Westin. The track blends together an almost-ska like horn section with the work of Natalie Cole.

By continually expanding her repertoire, Westin can cut a track like “When the Rain Comes” and have listeners wondering exactly where she may take them. This eclectic approach turns this EP into something special; what usually takes artists the entirety of an LP to do is completed by Westin in the course of about 20 minutes. I believe that there is enough skill present in these five cuts for Westin to move easily to the longer releases, while a live session will bring forth even more of the tremendous emotional capacity that is alluded to during “What A Night”. While the strong singer-songwriter female role has largely become open as starlets sing about “California Girlz” and love being like a drug, I feel that Westin could readily accept that mantle. Pick up a copy of this EP today.

Top Tracks: What A Night, When The Rain Comes

Rating: 8.3/10

Kristina Westin – What A Night / 2010 Self / 5 Tracks /

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