Sisaundra Lewis – Shout (CD)

“Shout” is the main track on this EP, and individuals have to understand that this is the height of Christian pop music; this is Mary Mary for 2006, and this rocks while still trying to say a message. For those fans of the song, there is no shortage in the number of times that individuals can tune in; for ten tracks, there are four cuts that are specifically “Shout” (with three of them being different remixes). The backing beats on each of the tracks on this album are nearly as much of an attraction as the singing of Lewis.

It is rare that both the vocals and backing beats sync so well; what typically happens is that the vocals are great and the backing beat is poor or vice versa. “Boogie Tonight” is still an impressive track on its own right, but when one compares it to “Shout” individuals might be just a little let down. Still, the soulful vocals of Lewis make this track a great follow-up to “Shout” that contains some commonalities but is at its very essence a different song. The use of a second set of vocals for “Circle of Love” plays off well with Lewis’ own vocals and keeps individuals interested for the next two tracks. Again going to the well of having a second set of vocals during the track, “Spiritual Groove” feels as if it had the hand of Kirk Franklin touch it. From the opening second set of vocals to the 1NC sound of things, there are ties that this track has with previous experiences in popular gospel music. There is a reason why Lewis made it to the top spot on the Billboard Dance charts; this disc may only have six new tracks but this album can be put into the CD player numerous times without individuals getting bored in the least.

While the packaging may leave a little something to be desired, the music on the disc itself definitely shows a professionality that surpasses any expectations. When individuals get to the dance remixes of the tracks that occupy the second half of the disc, they have to prepare to be amazed by the transformations that are done to the two tracks (Shout and Let The Music Play). For fans of gospel, R&B, and dance music, Sisaundra Lewis will be a name that is spoken in certain circles for years, if not decades.

Top Track: Shout

Rating: 5.7/10

Sisaundra Lewis – Shout / 2005 Global / 10 Tracks / / Reviewed 16 March 2006


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