Bird Call – The Animals Know (CD)

“Walts In The Snow” is a great track in that it shows that Bird Call utterly refuses to be constrained by genre or style classifications. Listeners will find that this first track breeds familiarity, but will be unable to put their finger on a specific set of artists. This mysterious sound is further expanded upon with “The Animals Know”’s second track, “Berlin”. I feel that “Berlin” is a solid track in that Bird Call focuses in on supporting the vocals. With this more deliberate approaches, eagle-earred listeners will be able to hear the backing instrumentation gradually peak and dip, giving the vocals the perfect support.

Properly appreciating this track will take a few listens, as one can appreciate “Berlin” as a unity of distinct elements, as a purely vocal beast, or as one of the most intriguing arrangements to come out this year. Regardless of how does take it, it represents a perfect introduction to later disc tracks like “Bye, Bye Honeymoon”. “Bye, Bye Honeymoon” is open for multiple listens in much the same way as “Berlin”, but is much more varied than the preceding track. The way in which the twinkling instrumentation boldly and brashly kicks in during “Bye, Bye Honeymoon” showcases a band that is firmly on the top of their game. Where at any of these quick switchovers, the band could miss a beat or make an unconvincing change, Bird Call keeps the track rolling along smoothly.

The disc ends with “The Battle Outside the Gates to Your Arms”, a torch song-touched track that the band has made current and contemporary. As was the case when I first put on “The Animals Know”, the output of Bird Call has no referent – there are hundreds of different influences, acts and artists to be had in their music, but one will have a hell of a time finding them. Bird Call is unique, and I want to hear more from them in the next few years. I do not know where they will go musically or thematically, but who does? Pick up this album today.

Top Tracks: Walts in the Snow, The Battle Outside the Gates to Your Arms

Rating: 8.0/10

Bird Call – The Animals Know / 2010 Self / 6 Tracks /

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