Jersey Shore Uncensored – Season One (DVD)

If you have yet to hear about MTV’s Jersey Shore, let me start by congratulating you on waking up from your coma. For everyone else, the concept has already been ingrained in you thanks to pop culture. The realty show follows eight (yes, there’s more to the show than Snookie and The Situation) mostly Italian American housemates that live and (occasionally) work together at the Jersey Shore.

The group has managed to screw up not only the reputation of Italians (the cast members are all self-identified Guidos), but the reputation of New Jersey as well (not an easy task). This first season, just coming out on DVD includes plenty of deleted scenes and extras. To quote The Situation “Gym, tan, laundry!”

Jersey Shore Uncensored – Season One/DVD/2010/Paramount/MTV

Rating 7 out of 10

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