Los Deadbeats – Probably Drunk (CD)

Los Deadbeats is a band from the Kent area. I actually have only seen them live once, but had a chance to hear this disc at the kids’ old house. Putting this disc in my player for a serious second listen allows me to hear more of the nuance that makes “Probably Drunk” much more of a solid album. During songs like “Legend of the Fohamma”, Los Deadbeats take on a decidedly Rancid-like sound. The incredibly nuanced bass line that continue during “Arm Your Mouth”, coupled with the Tim-like singing, makes the band feel much more in the Rancid vein than anything else.

The production of the tracks on “Probably Drunk” is solid, very mature and full-sounding for a local act, and while there are some weaknesses shown in the less main layers of tracks, the songs are still fun and full. Being able to see them live, Los Deadbeats have their money shot in “F.Y.A.”, a track that continues the tradition of ropey bass lines, a catchy chorus, and a tried but true song structure that will get everyone on the floor and dancing. However, it may just be during “Ripping Gear Off” that the Deadbeats climb the mountain the furthest. The track is much more chorus-oriented than anything else previously heard on the album, which means that the stanzas and the arrangements are all oriented toward the chorus. As is the case with all of the previous tracks on “Probably Drunk”, the band blasts through “Ripping Gear Off” without the slightest bit of weakness shown. “90 West” tears down some of the more cushy arrangements of other Los Deadbeats track, revealing a much more raw sound.

In doing that, the Deadbeats achieve a sound that is much more Virus 9 than Orange. He replay value of this album is amazing; while the less-than-optimal production may make this album a bad choice for a wine and cheese party, this is the perfect type of music for the average night in a house, drinking and carousing. By listening to the disc two or three times, individuals will be able to repeat all of the choruses back to the Deadbeats at their next concert. If you are a fan of this catchy brand of punk, throw the band a few bucks and pick up this disc; you will not regret this. Check them out live next time they can brave the bright light of daytime.

Top Tracks: F.Y.A., 90 West

Rating: 7.7/10

Los Deadbeats – Probably Drunk / 2005 Self / 14 Tracks / http://www.myspace.com/losdeadbeats / Reviewed 08 July 2006


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