Los Kung-Fu Monkeys – Rebuilding the World (CD)

Keeping true to their status as at least a partially-California band, Los Kung-Fu Monkeys uses a number of styles to provide a fresh and groovy album for their listeners. Working off a base of Ska, Punk, and Surf, the Monkeys use a very positive-sounding music to promote a better world; specifically asking individuals to “justify your actions”, “take a look at the city tonight”, and “to stop all this war”. Matt Freeman style bass lines, horns, and a breakneck speed on all their tracks. What the hell else could you ask for in an act? Oh, yes, there is even a cure of a Cure song in here; specifically, it is their cover of “Boys Don’t Cry” that really sells me on this disc. Being a large Cure fan, it is really interesting to see exactly where “Boys Don’t Cry” might have ended up, if the Cure hadn’t ditched their punk roots after “Three Imaginary Boys”. No musical genre is safe from the Monkeys; even something like the thrash metal of Anal Cunt is attacked in the track “Think”. One might wonder whether or not all these styles of music, all these band members (fluctuating between 7 and 8), or all these influences would make the music that the Monkeys put out just a pile of regurgitated pap. However, this disc builds on all of these influences and makes them into one larger sound that works, and works well. This disc is 3 years old, but the songs on this disc are more than timeless; they are treasures, and should be revered as such.

Top Track : “Boys Don’t Cry”

Rating : 9.0/10

Los Kung-Fu Monkeys – Rebuilding the World / 2000 One Shot Records / 12 Songs / http://www.oneshotrecords.net / loskungfumonkeys@hotmail.com

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