Mass Movement of the Moth – Outer Space (CD)

Mass Movement of the Moth does not give their fans any time to get situated before they are assaulted by the noisy approach of the band. The disc’s first track is “Idle Minds Speak In Binary”, and perhaps Mass Movement of the Moth’s best addition to the repertoire of popular music is the turn on a dime style that allows the band to go forth and use hardcore, noise, metal, and a slew of other styles all in a sub-three minute track. Even if the track is noisy and loud, there is a sense of harmony present during the track that can never be extinguished; the band knows how to grab listeners even if their musical style is not what would normally be accepted for rotation on most (if not all) radio stations.

Even if the music played by Mass Movement of the Moth does not have any smoothed-out sections for individuals to grab onto, the use of repetition (like the guitars during a track like “Fang”) is something that will allow listeners to become fans with; Mass Movement of the Moth are able to create an album that is brutal while still being compelling at all levels.

The breakdown that Mass Movement of the Moth has during “Fang” shows their love for black and medieval metal, as hints of psychedelic even find their way into something that will make listeners’ guts churn. The band slows things down and adds some more nuanced emotion to their “Seven”, but the distortion on the guitars still proves that the band has an edge. The screamed-out, stressed-out vocals to Mass Movement of the Moth further continue threads from prior tracks on “Outer Space”. The guitars, again working with a very heavy repetition, link together with a synthesizer to become a snowball of Katamari Damarcy-like proportions. Each time I hear Mass Movement of the Moth, they have clarified their style without losing the slightest of steps. The band is finally getting all of the attention that they deserve (being in this month’s issue of Alternative Press), and it should only be a matter of time before the band is sharing a stage with Sunn, or Das Oath. Give this disc a go if you like chaotic, intense types of rock that still have catchy moments and harmonies to spare; Mass Movement of the Moth never is apologetic, and they will rock your face off.

Top Tracks: Ous We Are, Fang

Rating: 7.6/10

Mass Movement of the Moth – Outer Space / 2006 Exotic Fever / 10 Tracks / / / Reviewed 01 May 2007


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