Mephi – Music for Dead Blondes (CD)

Mephi – Music for Dead Blondes

This is probably the last Israeli band I will have to review unless Useless ID sends me a disc in the near future. This disc has a really lo-fi sound to it,m and I am at a loss of words when I try to classify it as any specific genre. Rather, I would have to say that MEPHI really mixes indie, They Might Be Giants-sounding music with a lot of the surf influence that I have heard from the other Israeli acts (such as The Astroglides). As a whole, this disc does not really have any place where it is going, and the beginning track does not act well in marking exactly where the act has been. The music is okay, but there are only a few seconds in each track that really raise their heads above the mediocrity of the entire disc. Listening to this disc, I began to get the impression that I was listening to a recording of popular music off Israeli radio, from all osrt s of bands, and with a recording to boot. If you want to hear a good Israeli act, try out the Astroglides or even Useless ID. They will provide a better indication of the Israel scene than Mephi.

Rating : 5.8/10

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