Miranda Sound – Western Reserve (CD)

“Jackson Milton” is a track that blends together a number of styles to show individuals that Miranda Sound has everything under control. The band eventually settles down into an emo style, but there are hints fo rock and punk just as there are numerous ties to the emo genre. Miranda Sound has a different approach to emo music than most other acts in the genre currently. For example, the previously mentioned “Jackson Milton” goes further than just approaching the normal emo repertoire and takes some alternative rock arrangement s and sounds, skillfully incorporating them into a style that continues with “Close Calls”. In keeping with the experimental nature of “Western Reserve”, Miranda Sound add a healthy dollop of theatrical seventies rock to the track.

This has two benefits to the act. Aside from keeping the compositions fresh, the inclusion of different styles also increases the effective number of individuals that can find something that they like on this album. The interesting style of Miranda Sound continues throughout the entirety of “Western Reserve”. Perhaps most interesting on the disc has to be “The Lull of Youngstown”, a track that keeps with the seventies rock but goes further into the pop side of things. This means that the entire chorus will pound against listeners’ heads until that time when they perish; this is how intensely catchy that Miranda Sound gets on this album. The fact that the band can be tongue in cheek while still maintaining a serious side shows their ability as an act.

Each subsequent track on “Western Reserve” adds something new to Miranda Sound’s already large sound. “My Surname’s An Airplane” , for example, adds another few layers to Miranda Sound’s approach, with the multi-faceted track approaching listeners from both high and low. The intricate interplay between the drums, bass, and guitar provide the perfect example of this musical density. Miranda Sound still keeps a little hint of emo and punk during this track; while the tracks on “Western Reserve” may all be distinguishable from each other, they all operate from a specific nucleus of influences, styles, and attitudes. Miranda Sound has made one of the most genuinely impressive indie albums of the last five years; like Two Gallants, so many styles are whipped together by the bandmates of Miranda Sound to create something new and exciting. Here’s to hoping we hear more in the near future.

Top Tracks: My Surname’s An Airplane, Close Culls

Rating: 7.6/10

Miranda Sound – Western Reserve / 2006 Sunken Treasure / 12 Tracks / http://www.mirandasound.com / http://www.sunkentreasure.org / Reviewed 04 August 2006


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