Miss Autopsy – Sweet (CD)

Miss Autopsy is not a goth band. They are a rock band that seems to pull sections from acts of the last fifteen years, so that hints of Alice in Chains, Tool, Nirvana and more all come through during tracks like “Good Is Not Good Enough”. The production of “Sweet” is solid all the way through, with songs conceivably being of a level that would allow play on a radio station. In much of the same way as those rock acts who cut an acoustic track to keep individuals interested, “Colors Fade” changes up the band’s sound to an incredible degree.

The strung-out sound of “Sunset (From the Horizons of Hell)” puts Miss Autopsy into a Bauhaus meets Jane’s Addiction groove, something that becomes more evident with each passing second on the track. In much of the same way, “Every Evil That You Are” mixes together the industrial quality of Nine Inch Nails with a Southern rock sound; the repetition present on the track drives home melodies that will stay with listeners well after the disc ends. Everything on “Sweet” has a tender quality to it that brings individuals to within feet of Miss Autopsy; it is almost as if they are playing the disc in a crowded, smoky coffee shop. The beauty of Miss Autopsy’s music on “Sweet” is their unique ability to create music that would normally be much too Spartan to succeed; individuals will have to focus in seriously to get all what the band has to offer.

Where “Sweet” is a stand up type of album, Miss Autopsy needs to continue with an evolutionary attitude to their style. This would best be done by having the band approach different styles of music, instead of the minor derivations from the general style that litter this disc. The strung-out style that seems like the bass level for Miss Autopsy is a great place to start, but by the time the disc actually ends, individuals may be wanting more from the act. Perhaps the most interesting track on this disc comes during “Premonition”, where the vocals take a new-found, almost Against Me! like sound to the bank. “Sweet” is a full, encompassing album but Miss Autopsy would do well in updating their style for anything that they release in the next few years. Here’s to hoping that Miss Autopsy continues on the same sort of path that “Sweet” opened up for the band.

Top Tracks: A Quiet Night Tonight, Premonition

Rating: 5.6/10

Miss Autopsy – Sweet / 2006 Comatone / 10 Tracks / http://www.miss-autopsy.com / Reviewed 05 April 2006


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