Critically Acclaimed Worship Leader Charlie Hall Desires to Draw Listeners Closer to God in Latest Release The Rising

Over the last decade, Charlie Hall has become both a renowned worship leader and a voice for the lost, the broken and the unlovely. Last week Hall returned with the triumphant new recording The Rising, which debuted at No. 14 on the Top Contemporary Christian Overall chart.

Available on CD and digitally, The Rising was produced by bandmate Kendall Combes and as a whole was a collaborative effort with many of the songs co-written by the entire band. And it is on Hall’s fifth sixstepsrecords release, that he opens up about difficult struggles he encountered over the past two years wrestling through some rough situations in his life. However, Hall learned to put the battles behind him, and embrace God in every situation as he continues to move toward life, hope and faith.

“The journey of songs that form The Rising come from the pursuit of God in everyday life and God’s pursuit of us,” says Hall. “Much like the Psalms, these songs speak of the ascension to, and the embracing of God inside the intense, peaceful and mundane places in life and all of the emotions that fill those spaces. Written from the perspective of the prodigal, poet, pastor, devoted, and the Healer, the poetry and music in this collection of songs encompass devotion to a beautiful God, and the wrestling with our wanderings and the prayers that beg God to be engaging and moving in our beautiful and broken world.”

Hall senses a calling to those both inside and outside the church. Hall’s mission is to bring the message of hope to the lost, to free people and help break through the barriers so they can openly and freely talk to God.

Passion and sixstepsrecords founder Louie Giglio says, “Charlie Hall’s passion to make the journey of worship and the healing found in Christ accessible to people inside and outside the walls of the Church is beautifully displayed on The Rising. This new collection of songs is not only musically alive and fresh, it oozes from its core the timeless message of the one who raises and restores our lives.”

Critics agree with Giglio, as the raving reviews continue to pour in, proving The Rising is another successful recording from the Dove Award winning artist. See what others are saying below:

“The Rising counters his characteristic introspective brokenness with resurrected hope… Juxtaposing his more moody reflections with straightforward praise, The Rising’s brighter perspectives have not dulled the worship leader’s artful senses… sets Hall apart as a paragon in today’s worship music scene.” 4/5 stars from

“Overall, this is a sensational album! I enjoyed it a great deal. It’s exactly what I have come to expect from Charlie Hall and then some. He never disappoints.” 9.6/10 stars from

“With an album like Charlie Hall’s The Rising, it’s nearly impossible to enjoy it and stay seated. So get up! Get with it!” 8/10 stars from

“On The Rising, Charlie and his merry band of misfits explore deep questions raised by rubbing up against the world around them, urging listeners to embrace the broken in their midst and love others the way God would. Part album, part social justice message, The Rising is about restoration and reaching out as a form of true worship.”

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