.moneen. – Are We Really Happy With Who We Are Right Now? (CD)

Just as with their last album, “Theory of Harmonial Value”, .moneen. enthralls its audience with some of the most clean and richest instrumentation to ever grace a CD, seamlessly meshing in classical instruments with jangly guitars the make a truly transcendent disc. Each song is like a Joyce or Pynchon chapter – it may be totally different from any prior piece, but it will have that same type of continuity with the work at large. Masters of the formulaic style so desired by the record-buying public, .moneen. continues to modify and otherwise mutilate the status quo in the creations of other harmonies. Imagine if At the Drive-In meshed with .desert.city.soundtrack and you will have the idea of the sound and talent of this band. Tracks like “I have never done anything for anyone that was not for me as well”, with its 2 minute instrumental performance really show the listening audience that .moneen. is just not purely about the beautiful double-part harmonies laid down by its vocalists. “How to live with the thought that sometimes life ends”” really highlights the similar sound in vocals that .moneen. can achieve with bands like Yellowcard, and provides credence to the placement of both bands on the second disc of the Plea For Peace volume 2 disc. Whenever you can, make sure you pick up this disc, as it showcases one of the most solid bands currently out in the indie music scene, and it will make you happy.

Rating: 8.5/10

.moneen. – Are We Really Happy With Who We Are Right Now? / 10 Songs / 2003 / Vagrant Records / http://www.vagrant.com

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