Scrubs Season 9 (DVD Set)

Despite much of the cast leaving the hospital, there are quite a few good things that viewers can see about this season of Scrubs. J.D. (Zach Braff) is still present, albeit in a reduced role as mentor to the new group of doctors at Sacred Heart, Lucy, Cole, and Drew. The dynamics that each of have in regards to each other, the more tenured members of the staff, and even the patients themselves provide for a solid run through all 13 episodes of the season.

“Our Drunk Friend”, the second episode of the season, has some of the flare that made Scrubs such a memorable show. With this episode, Kelso, J.D., and Turk all try to butt in when it comes to the possible romance that is being whipped up between Drew and Denise. This plot line is wrapped up in the last episode, “Our Thanks”. “Our Thanks” has Drew and Denise move in together, while Lucy finally makes the plunge into being fully into eir vocation as a doctor. There are a few additional features present in this DVD set, too. The bloopers and deleted scenes rival the episodes for being the funniest thing on the DVD set, while “Live from the golf cart” is something that just has to be seen to be believed.

So, for those individuals that are completists or just missed out on the first time these episodes were run, make sure to pick up this set on DVD. I am confident that each of these seasons (besides the eighth, which had a Blu-Ray release late last year) will eventually be brought to the new format. I know though that stronger sales of this DVD release will be necessary to kick ABC Studios into gear regarding those releases.

Rating: 7.5/10

Scrubs Season 9 (DVD Set) / 2010 ABC Studios / 359 Minutes / /

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