Sissita’s Soul Tangos – S/T (CD)

“All of You” is a track that could easily be enjoyed, regardless of whether the listener was from 1880, 1920, 1950, or today. There is little more to this first track on Sissita’s self-titled disc than vocals, but her chops are such that any fan of music will be happy with what issues forth from their stereo. “Nightmares” continues this train, but gives the backing instrumentation a little more of a spotlight. With a percussive track present now, the resulting track is miles away from “All of You” . In fact, hints of a musical or R&B sound can be heard here.

Where both paths have been traveled considerably, it is again Sissita’s vocal ability that makes this track special. While the instrumentation does highlight specific facets of Sissita’s vocals, there can be no denying exactly how talented Sissita is. “As I Care For You” is a chiaroscuro of slow, fast, stoic and impassioned, and even dark and light. Where lesser singers would have significant problems tying together these polar opposites, Sissita does so without breaking a sweat. There may be four minutes of music on “As I Care For You”, but the magnificence in each dip and line sang creates a truly epic feeling of length and depth.

“Dancer” continues this trend, with a bold and brash challenge to previously held beliefs regarding time signatures and vocal delivery. Sissita’s soul destroys these conventions and any perceptions that listeners may have regarding female singers. While these tracks do have hints of operatic arrangement and sound, I would personally like to here Sissita’s take on a classic work, such as Mozart’s Cosi fan tutte or Rossini’s Le siege de Corinthe. In a period when voices are auto-tuned and otherwise mechanized, Sissita’s vocals should shake listeners to their very core.

Top Tracks: All of You, As I Care For You

Rating: 8.7/10

Sissita’s Soul Tangos – S/T / 2010 Self / 7 Tracks /

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2 thoughts on “Sissita’s Soul Tangos – S/T (CD)”

  1. I totally agree… Amazing voice, awesome and timeless songs and a mix that hasn’t existed yet.
    Wonderful music that touches your heart!

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