11/4/10 – Hell’s Kitchen w/Big Wheel Stunt Show, Missionary Position – Tacoma, WA
11/5/10 – The Comet Tavern – Seattle, WA
11/6/10 – Winterland w/Big Wheel Stunt Show & Missionary Position – Bremerton, WA

Recording “Chordata” with legendary Seattle producer Conrad Uno (Mudhoney, Young Fresh Fellows, Presidents of the United States of the USA), here is an album that recalls classic NW guitar bands during the album’s heavier moments and the best of 90s indie rock as the hooks and melodies pile in. “Chordata” is dark and brooding in spots, breezy in others, and is the result of a self-assured band just hitting their stride.

ReVoLtReVoLt¹s Chris Bock, Ben Brunn, and Jasin Serna are all familiar faces within the Boise music scene.

Venturing in and out of many bands as both a frontman and support player for well over a decade, Bock began playing shows under his last name, both with a band and solo performer. His musical resume includes Geyser, The Hand, and The Treatment, to name just a few, and he¹s played alongside members of Treepeople, Dirt Fishermen, System & Station.

In 2005, Bock moved to Boston and performed solo in venues across the Eastern United States. When he found himself back in Boise a couple of years later he connected with long time friend Jason Serna (Happenstance, Me and My Ego, Doublewide, The Treatment) to play drums/percussion in BOCK.

The Bock/Serna duo brought some new energy to Bock’s songs and the project quickly became a joint venture. Songs were brought to the table by both musicians, and a new identity was conceived entitled ReVoLtReVoLt.

This new two-piece took to the road and toured the Northwest, driving hundreds of miles for weekend winter gigs throughout Idaho and Oregon.

In the fall of 2008 they hooked up with bassist Ben Brunn (Nevada Bachelors) of Seattle. After a few rehearsals it was evident that Brunn¹s contribution to ReVoLtReVoLt¹s sound was the final piece to the puzzle.

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