Mustard Plug – Yellow #5 (CD)

This is really what I’ve come to expect from Mustard Plug, as I have had the pleasure to review a number of their prior releases for inclusion at the local radio station. If you are at all familiar with Mustard Plug, you already know of their brand of infectious ska/punk. If you are wondering why Mustard Plug hasn’t been like the rest of the ska acts and turned to emo music, it is simply because they are probably the strongest ska act currently out on the market. Oh, and being around for over a decade really tends to help the cohesion fact of the band. Time has also been beneficial to mustard Plug in another way, in that Yellow #5 is a much more solid CD on the whole than their past albums on Hopeless, including 1999’s “Pray for Mojo” and 1997’s “Evildoers Beware!.” The only major issue I have with the CD that it just feels too polished for me, as all parts of the band morph together without any clunky riffs or anything. Strong tracks on this disc include “Just a Minute” and “Your Secret”, both of which push that envelope just far enough to make this CD that one has to bounce to. If you are a fan of Ska, pick up this disc at any record store or independent shop.

Rating : 6.5/10.

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