New Found Glory – Coming Home (CD)

I was really wondering where New Found Glory was going to go since “Catalyst” do not do all that well. This would be a very important album for New Found Glory, that is sure. The second that I turned on “It’s Not Your Fault”, I heard that the band had invested a large amount in a much more mature, more emo-located type of music. This was done to the detriment of the catchiness that was always a part of New Found Glory’s overall sound. The band has not dropped the almost pop-punk sound that madde them famous, as a song like “Coming Home” blends together this hooky sound with a slower tempo to increase the amount of listeners that the disc will undoubtedly have. New Found Glory have modified their sound to be a more mellow Offspring, if someone like Dexter Holland had popped in a whole heaping of Fuel and Sunny Day Real Estate albums.

“Hold My Hand” starts with an opening the heavily uses piano; there is no easily comparison to other acts on the market, but this song really shows an evolution of New Found Glory’s sound. This is as if the band had took the pianos that were driving The Rocket Summer and blended it with their previous sound. The use of vocal layering during these tracks, coupled with the call and response clap-chorus of “Hold My Hand”, means that each track is miles ahead in regards to the fullness it has compared to earlier tracks. The one thing that individuals will notice about immediately after removing the cellophane from the disc is that there is not the type of single-oriented track made in the vein of “All Downward From Here”.

Without the mega-single present on this album, the band has not let fans down. Every one of the other tracks on “Coming Home” has something catchy that will keep individuals situated right on the edge of their seats. This means that this album is much more cohesive than anything else New Found Glory has ever came out with, and that this brings something quantitatively different to the table for fans old and new. Pick up this album if you had not had the chance to hear New Found Glory for a few years, and chances will be good that you will be taken aback with how different the band sounds from their previous efforts.

Top Tracks: Coming Home, When I Die

Rating: 6.2/10

New Found Glory – Coming Home / 2006 Drive-Thru / 13 Tracks / / / Reviewed 10 November 2006


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