Paolo Nutini – Live Sessions (CD)

I had seen a lot of Paolo Nutini posters around campus in the last few months, so I thought “why not review this EP”. This EP has live versions of four songs from three locations, which provide individuals with an introduction to Nutini. For those individuals that already have the LP, “Live Sessions” allows fans to hear different versions of their favorite album tracks.

“Jenny Don’t Be Hasty” is the track that individuals that are familiar with Nutini will know. This track is known by its very bouncy and innovative guitar dynamic, which is added to by the soulful singing of Nutini. Some of the post-recording is magic with this version, which was recorded live at Parr Street. Still, the catchy nature of the song comes forth pretty strongly during this track. However, the one thing that I would have to say is that individuals that are trying to get into Nutini will not be served well by this version of the track, as the studio version has more in the way of strength to it. Listening to the studio version over the live version could conceivably be the difference between individuals merely picking up the track and picking up the full album.

The less electric “Last Request” is a track that individuals can get behind. In this track, Nutini is able to assume the mantle of an early Billy Joel or Elton John. This would definitely get butts in the seats, and it is the vocals that really are able to set the track off from the rest of the music currently in the market. Still, individuals may not be completely convinced at the ability of Nutini. “These Streets” put Nutini in a Jack Johnson-like sound for the track, but the instrumentation is much too anemic to really be compelling. While this track may not be the strongest track on the EP, Nutini’s vocals make it salvageable. The final track on this EP is “New Shoes”, and this song allows Nutini to recreate the strength that the studio version of “Jenny Don’t Be Hasty” had. The EP has its ups and downs, and while Nutini might not have tons of listeners pick up the full length after listening to this EP, individuals that are completists will pick this album up in droves. Make sure to find the LP, but don’t try to dig up this EP unless it’s being handed out for free (as it should be); Nutini has eir strengths, but ey really shines when ey is in a studio format.

Top Track: New Shoes

Rating: 5.3/10

Paolo Nutini – Live Sessions / 2006 Atlantic / 4 Tracks / / / Reviewed 25 February 2007


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