RZO Relaxation Beverage

I’ve had lots of formulations of Kava Kava, and I must say RZO is the way to go for a light refreshing version of Kava Kava. The makers of RZO have accomplished what many may see as impossible; they have made the herb easier to digest. Many traditional forms of Kava Kava have a very powerful and distinct flavor (Think “dirty ginger”), with RZO it tasted just like a very sugary orange soda. Other formulations also have a numbing effect in your mouth, while RZO still has a light numbing effect it is a lot more tolerable.

The effects of RZO are not to be doubted, within minutes of consumption you feel more at ease and slightly euphoric. I would totally recommend this drink to new Kava Kava users or even more experienced imbibers. The only issue with the RZO Relaxation Beverage that I could conceivably claim is the sugary side of it; while this has likely been done to mask the flavor of the Kava Kava, I would like to see how a Diet or low-sugar version of RZO would work out.

The flavor really makes this drink for me, as I said previously the taste of some traditional formulations is pretty hard to take sometimes, even for the most experienced Kava Kava fan. RZO is light, bubbly, and fun! Totally worth it! Check out their web site (linked above) or purchase a can for yourself (second link) today.

Rating: 9.0/10

RZO Relaxation Beverage / http://www.RZORZO.com / http://www.amazon.com/RZO-Beverage-Relaxation/dp/B003BAITRW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=grocery&qid=1289126257&sr=8-1

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