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7 Types of Jewelry You Must Have In Your Wardrobe

People worldwide have worn accessories for as long as people have worn clothing. Accessory items include scarves, hats, handbags, belts, shoes, and other items like earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and anklets. These specific items are generally considered to be jewelry items. They often feature fine stones, silver, or gold. Accessory items help to complete outfits and add some personality to them tastefully. These items can also help make a bold…

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Lori Myren-Manbeck (CEO of Inclusivi-tee) affecting global change through her imaginative efforts

When we personalize our efforts to engage the world, the positive impact we create is powerful. Anyone can hold up a sign, march shoulder to shoulder with others in the name of a particular cause, or reel off a bevy of slogans and adages we believe illustrate solidarity with an issue. This observation does not denigrate such efforts. Being an informed member of our global community is laudable. Pouring our…

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Stretch Mark Removal Machine – The Newest Innovation

Stretch Mark Removal Machine is the latest innovation in cosmetic treatment. Throughout history, women have struggled with unseemly stretch marks following childbirth, weight gain, or even weight loss. Creams, lotions, and exercises have all proven ineffective. This newest innovation is the answer to this age-old problem. SharpLight is considered a world leader in med-aesthetic technology development. Best of all, they are currently headquartered in the Greater Toronto (GTA) area and…

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Pretty Woman Nail Polishes

I’ve been painting my nails for about 20 years now, I’ve went through the years of trends and fan favorites but have never found a polish that I could truly call my personal favorite. Until I found Pretty Woman. I have never been more impressed by a nail polish. I love the wide brushes and thick lacquers, every polish I’ve used by Pretty Woman has made for a beautiful and…

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Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel Reinvents Nail Polish

While exploring a number of new products for our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide, we happened upon a new offering from Sally Hansen. Miracle Gel is a nail polish line that comes in over eighty colors that performs at a level head and shoulders above other competing products at the same price point. To examine the line, we procured a bottle of V-Amplifed, a dark red with considerable purple tones, Cabernet…

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Spending some time on the Eve Mattress

We were lucky enough to be sent the Eve Mattress all the way from the United Kingdom and were quite surprised that it made the journey in little more than a week. The Box itself was tremendously heavy as one would imagine a mattress in a box would be but to it credit it was a cinch to remove the rolled-up mattress from the box. We thought it was pretty cute…

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Olga Flirty Bra, a great fit at a great price

The promise of a good fitting bra seems to be an ideal that is hard to realize. There are so many companies that are creating bras and they tend to fit so terribly. I am not even talking about what one can find at local flea markets and dollar stores, either. Even at a number of typical mall stores, the quality of bras, their sizing, and overall durability vary considerably.…

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Waterfield Designs – Bolt Briefcase

When one looks to purchase a bag there are a number of different considerations to make. For individuals that have a laptop a bag of a certain size is required. The overall design of the bag matters as well. For those that are active – if they are utilizing a bicycle or carrying their possessions on a train or bus – having a good amount of padding and protection for the…

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Tie Fix Box

Throughout our time at NeuFutur, we have received a number of fashion accessories to evaluate. Some of these are on the far side of goofiness but we received a monthly subscription box in the Tie Fix Box is priced at an approachable level but is jam-packed with high quality dress options. This box costs $14.99 a month and provides one with two different ties along with two other fashion accessories.