Salt (Blu-Ray + DVD Combo)

There have always been interesting documentaries shown on PBS. However, it seems that after decades of doing them, that there would be some sort of lack of topics still to broach. Michael Angus and photographer Murray Fredericks show that not to be true, in one of the most visually stunning PBS documentaries to be shown this year. Salt features Lake Eyre, the lowest point in Australia and one of the most ecologically diverse areas in the world. It provides viewers with some of the most stunning shots that they have ever seen, done up in a truly artistic format. Salt does not only showcase these amazing sights in traditional celluloid, but also through the creation of time-lapse scenes and even still shots.

Where the vast expanse of Lake Eyre may seem to be barren of any distinguishing features, the filmography present here shows tremendous beauty. The framing of the narrative here, with shots of the salt pans alongside intimate phone calls and human contacts, makes this film all the more touching. Even when issues threaten to wreck the entire production (rain and other environmental hassles are only part of a larger puzzle), Fredericks’ drive and determination ensure that we have copies of this magnum opus ready for easy viewing. Where this could be little more than a look into what is present, viewers will enjoy Salt for its look into the human psyche and how it interacts with Lake Eyre in a way few have been able.

There are not too many bonus features to be had with this Blu-Ray and DVD combination, but the interview conducted with Angus and Fredericks showcase the magnificence of what was captured here.

Rating: 8.4/10

Salt (Blu-Ray + DVD Combo) / 2010 PBS / 54 Minutes /

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