The Band Perry – The Band Perry (CD)

Country music is a genre in which it seems tremendously hard to break through. The number of established acts that are on the charts at any one time are few, and consist largely of those performers that have been doing their thing for a number of years. However, this trend may yet change with the release of The Band Perry’s first, self-titled album. This album was able to practically reach the top of the Billboard country charts with only a small amount of publicity surrounding the title.

The band’s success is due in no small part to the catchiness of the singles that immediately preceded the release of the album. The first of these singles was 2009’s “Hip To My Heart”, a track that simultaneously takes up the standards of previous generations of country musicians while imbuing it with just enough current and contemporary styles. The second single, June’s “If I Die Young”, showcases a contentment with life’s path that few country songs (save for Travis Tritt’s “It’s A Great Day To Be Alive”) contain.

Rather than merely being an act that can cut a single every few months, The Band Perry really crams their self-titled debut full of solid efforts. Whether it is “You Lie”, a complex track that touches upon all the distinct efforts by the band that are yet to come, or the penultimate “Quittin’ You”, The Band Perry does not let up when it comes to their album. Make it an effort to pick up this album, see the band live, or otherwise familiarize yourself with their music before they begin to work on their next effort.

Top Tracks: Hip To My Heart, Miss You Being Gone

Rating: 7.7/10

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