Invader Zim: Operation Doom (DVD)

We still watch the heck out of the Invader Zim collections that were released last year. So, when we heard that there was a new Invader Zim collection to be released, we were rightfully excited for the prospect. This three-hour compilation is value priced (online preorder prices are pegged at about $13) and contains a number of episodes that were voted on as the best of the show’s run.

Of particular note would have to be “The Frycook What Came From All That Space”, an episode that has Zim attempt to take back eir life from Foodcourtia. However, the time-space implications that are brought to viewers with an episode like “Gaz, Taster of Pork” really showcases the fact that the show was intended for viewers of all age levels. “Mysterious Mysteries” is a fun re-telling of a singular story through the eyes of Zim, Dib, and Gaz, while “Bloaty’s Pizza Hog” seems to be the most spectacular struggle between Invader and human forces. The episodes captured here are sharp as all get out and are not marred by commercials or weird interstitial advertising; the experience that viewers will have when they watch the episodes on Operation Doom is considerably different from what they have had at any point with Invader Zim.

Check this DVD out when it drops down in stores on Tuesday. The possibility of the show being put back into production is contingent on the level of scales that this DVD collection receives – so make sure to pick up a personal copy and a few for those friends and family that are fans (or will be fans) of the show. Here’s to hoping that Nickelodeon comes through with the next series and continues to make cheaper compilations of the show’s material.

Rating: 8.5/10

Invader Zim: Operation Doom (DVD) / 2011 Nickelodeon / 179 Minutes /

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