Revolution Mother – Enjoy The Ride (CD)

The angular sound of the the guitar and how it interplays with the drums during “Goodbye” makes this opening track sound like it was influenced by Rage Against The Machine. The set of influences of Revolution Mother also include heavy amounts of Fireball Ministry and a little bit of Coal Chamber. The band has a hard feel to them, but the one thing that individuals need to take into consideration is that the act does not bring anything completely new to the table during “Goodbye”. “Second Thoughts” continues where “Goodbye” left off, and adds a little bit of energy to Revolution Mother’s sound.

The screaming and angry guitar/drum dynamics are startlingly similar, but the band is smart enough to go and cut off “Second Thoughts” before the track hits the ninety second mark. Again, the tracks would do great if the band wanted to put them up as singles, but there is little shown by a song like “Second Bullets” that was not already shown to the listeners by the time that “Goodbye” ended. “Bullet” is the hump track, and from the opening guitar lines, does not seem to be contributing anything in the way of new material to “Enjoy the Ride”. Don’t get me wrong, the band comes up with some catchy music on this EP, and they have a high level of cohesion between the tracks, but individuals will want more from the act. This is just an EP, and represent only a small fraction of the music that Revolution Mother can play.

I believe that there will be more in the way of differentiation if the band is given a full CD to play with, and that “Enjoy the Ride” is unnecessarily hampered by this limit. However, some of the faults present on the disc are not due to structural factors but rather reflect limitations and problems on Revolution Mother’s fault. The band needs to allow more in the way of inspirations and influences to be present in their music. When this happens, Revolution Mother will be able to succeed in ways that individuals are unable to foresee after listening to “Enjoy the Ride”. For right now, pick up an Audioslave or other hard rock album and listen to that. Revolution Mother has miles to go before they sleep, and if they can travel that distance, they can succeed. Pass on this EP for the time being.

Top Track: Bullet

Rating: 3.5/10

Revolution Mother – Enjoy The Ride / 2006 Mike V / 5 Tracks / / Reviewed 24 May 2007

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