The Last Act – Still Standing (CD)

The Last Act is a bluesy, metal-based act that immediately assaults listeners with their own blend of Metallica, Motorhead, and Dimmu Borgir. While absolutely brutal in its execution, “Still Standing” is a track that will have listeners singing along after their first listen. With a head full of steam, The Last Act continues to kick ass with their “No Chance…Again”. Despite blazing through the track with a grim grittiness, this track is the first to show the technical skill of The Last Act. The arrangements on this track are what shine brightest; the band creates a miniature epic in the course of five minutes.

“Habitat For Insanity” adds a little funkiness to the mix; where the band still comes forth in a pure metal vein, I personally hear a little bit of Machine Head and Anthrax in this track. Continually innovating and changing their style through all cuts on “Still Standing”, The Last Act will perk up a number of ears with their “Wasting Time”. Where the vocals have stood front and center during a great many of the songs on “Still Standing”, they fight with the guitars for dominance here. This has the effect of pushing each part of the band ever higher, forcing them to give 110 percent in the creation of a track that will stand the test of time. The penultimate track on “Still Standing” is “Burning Stack”, and it showcases that The Last Act is never content with resting on their laurels.

With absolutely sick guitars, flowing bass lines, and splashy drum work, “Burning Stack” is enjoyable on all front. The absence of vocals during this track showcases exactly how skilled these guys are, with a narrative being weaved through the interplay of the different pieces of the band. There is nary a weak track to be found on “Still Standing”, and I have little doubt in my mind that The Last Act will be able to recreate this masterpiece in a live setting. Pick this album up today; the twelve cuts on “Still Standing” are some of the best that have been released early this year.

Top Tracks: Habitat for Insanity, Problem With Authority

Rating: 8.3/10

The Last Act – Still Standing (CD) / 2011 Self / 12 Tracks /

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