The Purrs – S/T (CD)

The Purrs occupy an interesting spot in popular music. First off, their opening track to this album is “She’s Gone”, and the song is odd for the fact that the added vocals sound quite like girl groups from the early sixties, while the rest of the song sound like something that The Doors would cut to vinyl. The result is something odd and completely different from the rest of music out currently.

Neither though is what The Purrs coming up with on tracks like “She’s Gone” something that rips off previous acts. If anything, the band pulls from a number of acts to come up with a distinct style that never can be fully pinned down. The one thing that immediately will strike listeners as a possible problem has to be the extended length of the tracks on this disc. At a quick glance, the quickest song on the disc is still four and a half minutes. This means that there are songs on this album that top six minutes, and while the music played by The Purrs is interesting, I do not know if there is enough material to keep the disc going throughout the entirety of it’s nearly-fifty minute runtime.

At least a song like “The Dreams Our Stuff is Made Of” is quite different from the other tracks on the disc, as it calls forth acts like Jane’s Addiction to update The Purrs sound and keep listeners wondering. The band may be playing in 2006, but there is little sense that they are. By pulling so much from earlier traditions, chances are that individuals faced with listening to The Purrs would say that they were an act playing in the early nineties that never had a chance to break it big. While the tracks go all over the musical landscape, there is little concentrated in just one track of The Purrs that will get individuals up and cheering for the bands. Sure, there are hints of brilliances during this CD< but they are not collected in a short enough timeframe to catapult the band to the big time. I would not be lying if I told readers that The Purrs play a solid brand of rock, but this is a solid brand of rock without much in the way distinguishing it from the rest of the music on the market. The band may be able to break it big with songs like “Connect The Dots”, but this would have to be something that comes up more often on a subsequent disc to get them into the hearts of fans worldwide. Top Tracks: Connect The Dots, Taste of Monday Rating: 5.6/10 The Purrs – S/T / 2006 Sarathan / 09 Tracks / / / Reviewed 17 September 2006 [JMcQ]

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