Samurai Warriors: Chronicles (Nintendo 3DS)

We were able to get our Nintendo 3DS fired up and active, and were able to pretty immediately get our copy of Samurai Warriors: Chronicles ready to go. One of the numerous launch titles for the new console, Samurai Warriors: Chronicles absolutely sparkles with a number of different additions and fun new features previously not present in the Samurai Warriors line. Of key importance has to be the sheer amount of information present – the bottom screen of the 3DS gives players information about the various quests, different maps, and the like.

Players of Samurai Warriors: Chronicles will be able to create strategy based on a four-member party, with a number of different characters present from each of the previous efforts in the series. The 3D side of things immerses players in a very compelling way – one has never felt so close to the characters that they control as they do when they are playing SWC. The switching over between characters could not be more easy – one touch on the screen and you have the control of a number of different skillsets, approaches, and overall game play feels.

The game’s replay value is considerable because of the sheer amount of these characters, while the ability to craft a number of different consumables (such as weapons) ensures that Samurai Warriors: Chronicles will be a title that stays in the 3DS for months to come. Despite this being a launch title for the 3DS, I feel that the game is tremendously polished while taking advantage of the new console. The storyline will give interested players a tremendous amount of information about Japanese history while never bogging the game down with back story or non-combat actions. Samurai Warriors: Chronicles is a must have for the 3DS, and represents a key reason why the handheld will still be the hottest thing even during the Holiday season, eight months and counting away.

Rating: 8.9/10

Samurai Warriors: Chronicles (Nintendo 3DS) / 2011 Tecmo Koei /

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