Dementia 13 (Blu-Ray)

There is little information present online about the HD Cinema Classics label. In fact, after giving Dementia 13 a spin, the only thing that I know about the company is that they are looking to become a major force in giving forgotten-about films the light of day. Dementia 13 is one of the examples of this; Francis Ford Coppola’s first film is cleaned up and given its proper chance to shine on the Blu-Ray format. This horror flick was produced by Roger Corman, and features the story of a woman that accidentally kills eir husband and looks to have eirself come into the will. As the film chugs along, an axe-wielding maniac begins to cut down everyone around the former wife. The tension about who this murdered may be, along with stellar acting all around (featuring William Campbell, Patrick Magee, and Luana Anders), makes this into a much more lively horror than much present nowadays.

There are a few featurettes that are present in this release that will further increase the value of the title. For those buyers that do not have a Blu-Ray player but wish to take the plunge, there is an additional DVD copy of the feature film present. Secondly, there is a behind the scenes into the process by which the film received its restoration, along with the original trailer for the film.

All in all, what HD Cinema Classics has done here is nothing short of amazing. They have been able to restore a masterful director’s debut, add a number of features, and also put it at a price point well below that of similar releases from restoration labels. Check out this company in the months and years to come – I have no doubt that they will give the same type of love to a score of other films.

Rating: 7.8/10

Dementia 13 (Blu-Ray) / 2011 HD Cinema Classics / 75 Minutes /

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