Fixed Point Foundation Announces IN THE BEGINNING Converence on Creation

Fixed Point Foundation, never to shy away from a great debate or a hot topic to discuss, has gathered three of the most respected and divided minds in a unique gathering discussing the beginning of it all. In the Beginning: A Conference on the Days of Creation, will challenge and engage the local Birmingham community to re-evaluate what you thought you knew about the issue.

The question of origin is as controversial inside the Church as it is outside of it. There is an intense debate among believers about how to interpret the Creation account of Genesis. This debate raises many practical questions: Does the Creation controversy cause doubts about other aspects of the Christian faith? How should Christians explain the Genesis account to skeptics, who think it doesn’t agree with modern science? How can Christian parents help their children navigate through this controversy without compromising their core beliefs or appearing intellectually naive?

June 15-18, these questions and many more will be debated by some of the top minds representing the three most prominent views of Creation within the Christian faith. All three of these men are Christians, but they vehemently disagree about how to understand Genesis: Dr. Hugh Ross (Reasons to Believe) will present the Old Earth Creationist view; Dr. Terry Mortenson (Answers in Genesis) will speak on behalf of Young Earth Creationism; and Dr. Michael Behe (Discovery Institute) will represent the ID-Theistic Evolutionary view.

In addition, John Lennox (Professor at Oxford University), Gilbert Lennox (Pastor of Glenabbey Church in Belfast, Northern Ireland), and Rick Burgess (The Rick and Bubba Show) will also address this controversy and how they have handled it in their respective public positions.

We are also pleased to have Keith and Kristyn Getty, authors of “In Christ Alone”, who will lead worship and close the conference with a concert.

Join Fixed Point Foundation for this exciting conference where you get to decide the most compelling arguments for how to interpret the Genesis Creation account and why it matters.

In The Beginning: A Conference on the Days of Creation.
June 15th-18th, 2011
Hosted by Briarwood Presbyterian Church
Birmingham, Alabama
Information and Registration available at: index.php/inthebeginning.

About Fixed Point –
Fixed Point Foundation is committed to promoting a confident Christianity in the public square, fortifying the minds of Christians and challenging the faith of skeptics. Fixed Point Foundation is located in Birmingham, Alabama and is a registered 501c3 organization.

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