Gray Matter by Jane Jensen (PC Game)

Jane Jensen is the creative mind behind the Gabriel Knight series of games and has even dipped eir hand into authoring, crafting masterful works like Dante’s Equation and Judgement Day. Gray Matter is eir new title, and builds on many of the strongest bits and pieces that have previously been present in eir titles. To make sure that the experience is full and exciting, Jensen has added a number of different twists and turns to make this a wholly involving and intense title.

This mystery game crosses over from the mundane to the supernatural without skipping a beat, while ensuring that there are red herrings and other confusing hints and clues. For from a Scooby Doo type of mystery, Gray Matter is a title that involves continual amounts of vigilance to properly understand the motivations and desires of everyone that is present.

There are a number of additions that Gray Matter makes over other video games in the mystery genres, as well; the presence of a number of different puzzles will have players’ heads going into brave new worlds. The lively community that plays Jane Jensen titles will further flesh out the story that is laid out here; Gray Matter is a title that will reveal more and more each time a player sits down and completes the story. With strong graphics for a game of this type and quick switches over from the mystery genre to supernatural and even love stories, there is something for everyone present in Jane Jensen’s Gray Matter. Check out the title and tell us what you think; I am confident that you will see the same beauty present that we here at NeuFutur HQ did the number of times that we played through the title.

Rating: 7.9/10

Gray Matter by Jane Jensen (PC Game) / 2011 Viva Media /

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