Morgan Bracy – End of Cinderella (CD)

It seems as if a number of female singers have given up any desire to be unique and largely morph together into one bland mess. Morgan Bracy, during her “End of Cinderella”, looks to destroy this trend. “Between the Covers” is a track that works on a number of levels, whether it be country, pop, and even rock genres. Bracy’s soft vocals will bring listeners in by the barrelful, while the smartly-crafted instrumental arrangements highlight all of Bracy’s unique qualities. Soaring high off of the success of this track, Bracy moves on to the titular track, “End of Cinderella”.

The track, while still at a high quality, takes a decidedly different tack than “Between the Covers”. The instrumentation slides further into the background as Bracy’s emotional singing takes the foreground. What results is something that will speak to all listeners, no matter what age or experiences that they may have had. “I Surrender” is a track that builds off of the frameworks created by tracks like the aforementioned “Between the Covers” and “End of Cinderella”, while showing listeners a different facet to Bracy’s diverse persona. A track that will easily make its way to pop and country stations alike, “I Surrender” brings Bracy into the realm of Taylor Swift and Miranda Cosgrove. Topping either performer, Bracy brings to the whole of “End of Cinderella” a maturity that makes each track all the more worthwhile.

Tracks like “The Looking Glass” will give listeners further insight into Bracy’s influences. This is because the track continues to contain the sparks and charm needed for success, build off of tremendously catchy guitar work, splashy drums, and harmonies weaved by all of these. There is not a weak track to be heard on “End of Cinderella”, and this should be further evidence that Morgan Bracy’s career will stretch out over the course of decades rather than mere years. I tend to leave my radio off of the pop stations for the reasons I listed above, but I feel that I’ll tune right back in whenever Bracy is able to shine as she deserves. Pick up this album today.

Top Tracks: End of Cinderella, Love, Believe In Me

Rating: 8.6/10

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