Wagnaria!! Complete Series Premium Edition (DVD)

Wagnaria’s titular location is a Hokkaido restaurant, and its different quirks and nuances are explored fully in the show’s 13 episode run. While humerous at a number of points, Wagnaria!!’s intricate storylines are what will keep viewers coming back for more. Why exactly does Inami punch all the males that come around the restaurant? What desires does Sota have towards Inami, and what about the checkered past of Yachiyo, the sword-carrying assistant? Viewers will crack up at the number of crazy situations and goofy lines present in Wagnaria!!, but they will become invested in each character and the tremendous Japanese-language voice acting here.

The video transfer of these episodes is nothing short of stellar; the crispness of the video print on these episodes are easily equivalent to a Blu-Ray print. The audio quality follows this same high quality, while the construction of the cardboard containing box will endure countless jostles and other bumps in one’s collection without looking the worse for wear. What is present in the box set is much, much more interesting though – there is a 32-page hardcover book that further fleshes out the storylines, character, and motivations that are presented during the show.

There are a tremendous amount of ways to enjoy this title. For the little bit of additional cost assumed when purchasing this title, these numerous additional features make it all the more worthwhile. Make sure to buy this if you are any fan of Wagnaria, or would just like to see other anime series given the same sort of love as NIS America has given this set. $60 is a very approachable price point, and should be seriously considered for those that are receiving their tax refund or are looking to shop for anime-loving friends or family.

Rating: 9.1/10

Wagnaria!! Complete Series Premium Edition (DVD) / 2011 NIS / http://www.nisamerica.com

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