Almighty Thor (DVD)

Thor was one of the biggest films of the year, and it is not surprising that The Asylum has created a title that looks to take some of Thor’s thunder. The mythology is incredibly rich; if the directors of Almighty Thor did not use the Marvel comic for influence, there are hundreds of stories from Norse mythology that could be adopted. Saying that, Almighty Thor is a film that is perfect for any party or mass gathering. The sheer amount of action that is present in Almighty Thor should be more than enough reason to watch it all the way through.

Cody Deal plays the God eirself, and interacts quite nicely with a valkyrie (Patricia Velasquez) that attempts to groom eir for eir future role as king of the gods . Richard Grieco plays the perfect foil to Deal’s Thor as Loki, and it is this relation that powers the film home to its climax. Bouncing from Los Angeles to Hell to get back the Hammer of Invincibility, the odds against Thor seem to nearly be too great. It is only through Jarnsaxa (Velasquez) that Thor can ultimately succeed.

Viewers should understand that a superhero film should be seen as cheesy; comic books are typically intended for the younger set, and the action contained in Almighty Thor recreates the frantic action and fun that one has laying on the floor and reading a stack of comics. Almighty Thor should be picked up by anyone that wants a great popcorn film that does not need to succeed based on the star power of the cast. With earnest and honest acting turned in by Almighty Thor’s cast, what results is a movie that has much more Conan to it than Blankman.

Rating: 7.3/10

Almighty Thor (DVD) / 2011 The Asylum / 90 Minutes /

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