Pros and Ex-Cons (DVD)

We reviewed a title a few days back that received a DVD release long after the film was finished. Pros and Ex-Cons, starring Sam Worthington, is another of these types of films. This Australian film is full of energy and showcases a much younger (and more handsome) Worthington in the lead role. The film touches upon a number of films in the action genre, whether it be Pulp Fiction, Die Hard, or even Superman. Bank robberies, murder, and the intersection of these actions are what drives the dramatic elements of Pros and Ex-Cons, and viewers will be on the edges of their seats by the end of the flick.

Worthington’s role is slightly smaller than the DVD case and relevant documentation would have me believe, but the rest of the cast in the film provides viewers with ample opportunities to identify and otherwise understand the motivations present here.

The DVD is fleshed out with the original trailers for the film. Pros and Ex-Cons is a title that goes down a well-trod road, but keeps things energetic and fairly fresh for the entirety of the movie. It is nice to see a actor in a pre-fame movie, and this makes Pros and Ex-Cons into a must buy for anyone that fancies themselves a fan of Sam Worthington. Here’s to hoping that the director’s cut of the film will be released sometime in the future, as it supposedly differs greatly from the version that has just been released by Lionsgate. If you would like to check out the film today, pick it up from your local video store or search it out online.

Rating: 7.0/10

Pros and Ex-Cons (DVD) / 2011 Lionsgate / 92 Minutes /

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