The Boy Friend (DVD)

We’ve covered Warner Archive titles in the past, but we cannot say enough about the company. By releasing a number of films in their vault with little more than a re-mastered version of their original, they are able to keep the price of the movie down while making previously forgotten films accessible to the wider public. The Boy Friend is one of their latest releases, a re-release of a 1971 film starring Twiggy, Christopher Gable and Max Adrian. This film is set in the 1920s, and is an adaptation of a 1953 West End musical written by Sandy Wilson. The Boy Friend thrives on over-the-top scenes and fantasies, and allows Twiggy free reign to properly let eir wings soar.

The video quality of The Boy Friend is surprisingly strong despite being over forty years old; the transfer over to DVD will not disappoint. What is incredibly impressive here has to be the day-dreaming sequences of Twiggy’s Polly Browne, something that really provides oomph to Ken Russell’s direction. The set design and costume work also shines here, with the increased visual side of things properly allowing viewers to see the sheer amount of work that was put into each scene. While The Boy Friend (both the musical and film) has largely been relegated to dusty shelves, the plot and performances in the version here are stellar and should be given a wider airing.

Check out the linked site for the latest efforts from the Warner Archive; with a few releases every month, it is only a matter of time before they release a film you’ve previously forgotten about. The price per film is on par with new releases, and shipping from the Archive is rapid and well-packaged.

Rating: 8.0/10

The Boy Friend (DVD) / 2011 Warner Archive / 136 Minutes /,default,sc.html

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