Burberry Summer (Perfume)

Burberry has created a fragrance in their Summer that both links itself to their classic perfumes while making a fragrance that perfectly captures its titular season. Burberry Summer is perhaps the best fragrance that we have covered, and this is due to the fact that it contains such a unique blend of different floral, fruit, and other natural elements. No other perfume on the market is able to say so much with a single spray as what Burberry does with their Summer, and it is for this reason that those on the market for a new fragrance should pick up a bottle today.

The woman’s edition of Burberry Summer has as its base level a considerable floral scent, which is further varied through the inclusion of orange, pomegranate, and a whole slew of different fruit notes. To shake things up, Burberry has also given its fragrance a little bit of a grass note that gradually opens up to allow for a more rose and valley lily type of body. The fragrance profile feels to approximate more of the English experience with summer rather than the American; the different elements feel a little more dainty here than the oppressive American summer (in many parts) would typically allow.

Burberry Summer can be purchased for around $50 for a 3.3oz bottle, which will last one quite a few months. Make sure to pick up a bottle today, as there is no promise that the product will continue to be on store shelves after the first leaves start falling. Keep an eye out in later seasons to see what is currently under Burberry’s hat; if these products are even a fraction of what Summer is, I know that I will be purchasing a bottle.

Rating: 9.2/10

Burberry Summer (Perfume) / 3.3 Fl Oz / http://www.burberry.com

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