ER: The Complete 15th Season (DVD Set)

ER: The Complete 15th Season captured the final episodes of the venerable show, which all originally aired in 2008 and 2009. These twenty-two episodes tie together a number of the loose ends that had been presented viewers over the course of the show, while still having time to create cutting-edge medical drama. Where the 14th season had seemed to sputter due to the writer’s strike, the 15th season immediately hits on all cylinders. This is due to the fact that it immediately deals with the fall-out from the 14th season’s conclusion (an ambulance explosion that kills Pratt) and never looks back.

The video quality of each of the episodes on this DVD set are incredible, providing viewers with an easy way to see broadcast-quality episodes without being interrupted by commercials. The tremendous video quality is matched only by the audio present in these episodes, which capture every voice, atmospheric noise, and other nuance to the show. “And in the End…”, the series finale, gives viewers something new out of the ending show; a perfect way to cap off the show.

ER was one of the longest running television shows of all time, and I believe that the mixed bag that comprise the penultimate few seasons tarnishes some of that legacy. However, with each miss that the show had during these years, it hit one out of the ballpark with the 15th season. While one would do well to pick up each of the previous seasons’ DVD sets, I feel that purchasing the 15th season would be smart for individuals no matter how familiar they may have been with the show. ER as a show may not be active, but the tremendous amount of memories will never be forgotten.

Rating: 8.5/10

ER: The Complete 15th Season (DVD Set) / 2011 Warner Home Video / 914 Minutes /

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