Malibu Black (70 Proof)

There are few spirits that are currently on the market that are able to maintain a fairly standard proof content while containing a fruit base. Malibu Black, Pernod Ricard’s new 70-proof rum, is a perfect example of how a company can do this well. Malibu Black is a marriage of rum and coconut, all while having the warm burn that the spirit is known for. Where a great many rums contain a high amount of sugar in their normal formulations, I believe that the amount of sugar that Malibu Black contains is perfect to imbue a slight bit of dryness to what is normally a very sugary coconut flavor. The spirit works admirably well, whether it be in cocktails or enjoyed on its own.

There are quite a few cocktails that can be created with Malibu Rum. Add a little bit of Coke to Malibu Black, and one will essentially have a Coconut Coke. Other drinks that may interest readers would have to be a Long Island Iced Tea, modified slightly to allow for the addition of the Malibu Black.

If this spirit sounds like something that you could sink your teeth into, go down to your local liquor store and pick up a bottle. There is no indication that this is a limited-time release, but strong sales really are the only reason that products maintain their position on the shelves at local stores. I believe that Malibu Black is a considerable increase in quality over the original, due to the more nuanced flavor given the spirit by the increased alcohol presence. There seems to be a more “real” feel to the Malibu Black that does not seem to be as prevalent in the original iteration.

Rating: 7.3/10

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