Nightbeast – Special Beastly Edition (DVD)

Nightbeast is a 1982 film directed by Don Dohler (The Alien Factor, The Galaxy Invader), which had on its crew a young J.J. Abrams. Nightbeast focuses on the exploits of an alien that is using a deadly gun to waste the inhabitants of a small city. Along with the sheer body count, there are gore shots and other scenes of destruction that will keep viewers interested throughout.

Troma has bundled the feature of Nightbeast with additional bonuses; the featurette about how to stage gruesome dismemberment shots will be of tremendous interest for anyone that is looking to create their own Troma-influenced film. Alongside the presence of “How To Rip An Arm Off”, Troma has added a stellar commentary that looks to answer any questions about the different time in which the film was made, a blooper reel that is tremendously funny, and other out-takes that did dnot make it into the feature presentation.

If you are interested in this early Abrams-related work or of the rest of the filmography of Dohler, make sure to buy a copy of the Special Beastly Edition, either from a traditional video store, Hulu, or iTunes. Here’s to hoping that Troma continues to re-release other films from Dohler and other regional filmmakers – they have taken a step in the right direction and have placed for purchase the documentary about Dohler’s life, Blood, Boobs, and Beast.

Rating: 7.5/10

Nightbeast – Special Beastly Edition (DVD) / 2011 Troma / 80 Minutes /

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