Seun Kuti – From Africa With Fury: Rise (CD)

With the increasing interconnectedness of the world, it becomes easier to find musicians that are creating some impressive music no matter where they may reside. Seun Kuti, from Nigeria, is a perfect example of this phenomenon. Originally breaking on the scene with 2007’s “Think Africa”, “From Africa With Fury” represents eir first release on Knitting Factory Records.

The previously mentioned interconnectedness increases when one hears the production on “From Africa With Fury”; Brian Eno and John Reynolds both have producing credits on the title. The blend of distinct and disparate styles both in regards to the musicians and the individuals behind the dial provide a fullness to the overall sound of the album, and can be heard at the beginning of “African Soldiers”. The brass, quick tempos, and unique vocals of Kuti are what will immediately allow listeners to be snared by the title. “From Africa With Fury” ends with “The Good Leaf”, a track that punctuates an already transformative type of release – listeners will likely let the disc spin on for a while longer after it.

“You Can Run” is a vital track for Kuti as it represents the point at which ey can either permanently ensnare listeners or create an experience that is not essential. However, there is enough in the way of innovations; twists and turns ensure that listeners finish up the track at a place that is considerably different enough from when they started. “From Africa With Fury” links the past, present, and future of music, both in eir specific context and generally. Give the disc a few listens to see the sheer amount of distinct approaches, genres, and styles that are broached here.

Top Tracks: African Soldiers, Mr. Big Thief

Rating: 7.9/10

Seun Kuti – From Africa With Fury: Rise (CD) / 2011 Knitting Factory / 7 Tracks /

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