Mark of Love (DVD)

Mark of Love is a movie that has came out of nowhere. The film is based around a similarly unknown British play (I love you!…And you…and you) and features a cast of unknown (but still impressive) actors to push forward the storyline. Mark is the lead character and is played by Bryan Price; Mark has a tremendously hard time staying in relationships. When ey is shot down yet again, Mark feels that learning martial arts may just be the way to get girls off of eir mind. When this karate class ends up being something that is completely different than Mark expected (a dating group of females rather than individuals learning takedowns and other violent acts), it seems almost as if Mark’s luck has changed. Mark ultimately ends up with a much better appreciation for dating and for women.

Mark of Love benefits from high video quality and an audio quality that matches it frame for frame; there is a professional air present to Mark of Love that never diminishes or otherwise decreases. The flashback scenes that are a large part of Mark of Love are done in a very solid way, and they do not detract in the slightest from the action that is occurring in the current storyline. While I was not familiar with the film or the actors, I feel that we will be hearing from a great many of them in the years to come. Mark of Love is a solid film, and is one that seems to be a labor of love all around. Check the film out at your earliest convenience, and see exactly what Cinema Libre is cooking up for the rest of the year and the beginning of 2012.

Rating: 7.0/10

Mark of Love (DVD) / 2011 Cinema Libre / 89 Minutes /

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