Single Bullet Theory Discusses “Auctioneer Of Souls”

Single Bullet Theory has posted a video on the band’s Official YouTube Channel featuring guitarist/vocalist Matt DiFabio detailing the epic shredder’s free-for-all, “Auctioneer Of Souls.” The song features solos from DiFabio, new SBT guitarist John Ruszin and a laundry list of metal’s most talented six-stringers, including Attila Voras (Nevermore, Leander), James Murphy (Testament, Death, Obituary), Tim Roth (Into Eternity), Jeff Loomis (Nevermore, Sanctary), Curran Murphy (Shatter Messiah, Nevermore), John Perez (Solitude Aeturnus), Rob Doherty (Digital Doomzday, Into Eternity), Mike Riggs (Scum of The Earth, Rob Zombie), Mark Simpson (Flotsam and Jetsam, Beautiful Creatures), Jack Frost (Seven Witches, Savatage), Carlos Alverez (Shadowdance) and Pete Blakk (King Diamond, Disasterpeace). To hear DiFabio detail this marathon of fretboard mastery, visit this location.

Philadelphia’s resident rage-makers, Single Bullet Theory, have just entered their second decade of existence with a vengeance. Re-energized by a new lineup which consists of three of metal’s finest musicians, Single Bullet Theory founder/guitarist/vocalist Matt DiFabio has produced his most powerful effort to date in IV, a gargantuan slab of concrete that draws energy from many areas within metal’s wide spectrum. IV will be be available on September 27th through Goobma Music. For more on the band visit or on Facebook.

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One thought on “Single Bullet Theory Discusses “Auctioneer Of Souls””

  1. First off,

    I have scene this Difabio guy play live a few times and his line up has changed so many times. He delivers a false falsetto if I have ever heard one and his ability to play leads sounds like a silly attempt to play palm muted noodling. I hear 7th graders at sam ash testing the new EVH amps sounding twice as good. LOL. At this age , I am guessing by his company, 38, maybe, its time to hang it up pal. Nobody wants to see an overgrown fat kid screaming on stage at Levittown, pa bars promoting albums recorded by studio basement companies like “angry chair.” most of the material is so improperly mixed and gargled. Two thumbs down on production and live performnace.

    I think, over-all, its like this. If you haven’t made it by now, its looking kinda grim.

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