TAYLOR BRIGHT is launching her return to the international music spotlight with an uplifting first single and state-of-the-art music video which combine to deliver a high-energy message of self-empowerment to her fellow teens.

The 18-year-old Philadelphia pop artist, who was introduced with a splash last year on the Billboard dance charts and in the British press and has been capturing the attention of major labels and television producers, announces the release of PSYCHO, a song with indelible hooks and irresistible beats whose music video epitomizes her evolution as an exciting new pop artist with purpose. PSYCHO, the leadoff track from Taylor’s upcoming EP, Mixtape Love, was penned by RoboPop (Gym Class Heroes, Maroon 5, Neon Hitch, Cash Cash), the songwriting-production team which also produced all six cuts on the EP, many of which were co-written by Taylor.

The PSYCHO music video, directed by Caesar Augustus of Augustus Films (Asher Roth, Busta Rhymes, Lil’ Wayne), and produced by Mathew Hayden of Cinipix LLC, makes its world premiere today on YouTube.

“We saw something very special in Taylor,” says Augustus. “She’s a very talented artist, and after hearing the track, we immediately knew this would be a great project to be a part of. We built a great team around her and she was great to work with. Not only can she sing, but she’s a great performer, too. It will be exciting to see how far she goes from here, and to know that we’re a part of it.”

The PSYCHO video, filmed on the West Chester University campus, reveals a darker edge as it follows Taylor being followed by a male student who quickly evolves from prospective romantic interest to stalker. Stalking is an issue which Taylor feels is too often hidden, and which teens and young women, especially, should not take for granted.

“I definitely know girls who have had this problem, and you can hear them talking about it all over the Internet through various social networks,” says Taylor, who starts college as a freshman this fall. “Lots of girls have these guys chasing them and they don’t have any way of warding them off. Even though they drop clues, the guys keep chasing them.

“Stalking is really another way of bullying, and that’s so relevant to what we hear more about in the media, especially cyber-bullying. That, combined with the energy in the song, it’s a great message to get out to both guys and girls. There are psychos out there and you need to be careful. You are not alone in this situation.”

PSYCHO exemplifies the considerable maturity Taylor’s music has taken in the two years since her youthful pop-rock debut, “Striped Socks,” with its sweeter, more innocent sound, made an impact on teens and the Billboard dance charts. With her online fan base exploding as she begins her college career this week, Taylor is re-introducing herself as a complete artist with a much edgier approach in her songwriting and a freshness and energy which clearly know no bounds.

”I’ve been working hard and waiting so long to release new music and unveil my new sound,” she says. “The video shows a whole new side of me and an entirely new look. I was 14 when I wrote ‘Striped Socks.’ And when you’re a teenager, the growth that happens over four years is enormous. For me, it’s been life-changing.”






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