The Entitled (Blu-Ray)

The Entitled is a film that has an interesting premise. This film has Kevin Zegers play Paul Dynan, an individual that is looking to make a quick score. However, eir plan is to abduct the daughters of three wealthy individuals in the community. Holding them ransom, Dynan hopes to net three million dollars. However, Dynan’s plays rapidly go awry as it becomes obvious that the fathers have different priorities than their children. What ultimately occurs in the peak of The Entitled is for viewers to see, but suffice it that the director will keep viewers guessing throughout.

The video quality of The Entitled is stellar, ensuring that viewers that have a solid Blu-Ray capable setup will be astonished by the crispness of the film. Similarly strong is the audio track on the film, which ensures that listeners will not miss one utterance or other line of dialogue. The featurettes that are present on the Blu-Ray edition of The Entitled also provide listeners with further value.

Of prime import has to be the alternate ending to the film, which gives listeners an additional way to interpret the different events that occur throughout. Finally, the behind the scenes featurette will provide the viewers with a semblance for how trying the filming process was in bringing The Entitled to life. With a solid set of actors, The Entitled is a perfect example of a film that will be on the cult corpus for the next few decades. Anchor Bay has turned out an impressive Blu-Ray release of the film, and has it available for a cheap price (about $21 at different online retailers) that will make this the perfect holiday or birthday for oneself or others.

Rating: 7.5/10

The Entitled (Blu-Ray) / 2011 Anchor Bay / 92 Minutes /

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