Gungor – Ghosts Upon The Earth (CD)

The emotive content that is present on Ghosts Upon The Earth is simply stunning; I believe that this album covers the extend of human feelings, compassion, and pain better than any album that we have heard so far this year. While Let There Be can be understood as an introduction for the types of styles and approaches that Michael will ultimately use over the course of Ghosts Upon The Earth, I feel that it is precisely what is needed to allure listeners in for the long haul.

Brother Moon is the album’s second track, and it allows Gungor and the rest of eir band to open up substantially; it is the unique blend of sounds, styles and influences that will have listeners hanging on every note. The disc does not weaken as it spins on, either – When Death Dies and Wake Up Sleeper represent two permanently changing types of tracks. However, it is Gungor’s work on Vous Etes Mon Coure that will have listeners salivating the most.

The rich instrumentation, coupled with a strong sense of the use of silence and stilling arrangements, makes this a miniature epic captured in the course of four minutes. Every Breath showcases the amount of care and dedication that Gungor et al have provided to the album, as well as to the future – one only has to listen to this track to understand what may yet await fans. Ghosts Upon The Earth touches upon human experience, and it is this everyman type of feel that will have listeners sticking around. Pick this album up at your loca well stocked independent record store – you will not be disappointed in what comes to be.

Top Tracks: Let There Be, Vous Etes Mon Coure

Rating: 8.4/10

Gungor – Ghosts Upon The Earth (CD) / 2011 Brash Music / 12 Tracks /

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