M’s Old Faithful Sweater

While this product is described as a sweater, I feel that it can be used as a little jacket admirably. Mountain Khakis have put a tremendous amount of work into this product, ensuring that it will be able to last through countless rains, storms, and other inclement weather. Beyond that, they have created an incredibly fashionable sweater that is able to match any khakis, jeans, or other clothing that an individual may be wearing. There are three distinct colors for the M’s Old Faithful Sweater – Oatmeal (white/grey), Storm Blue, and Charcoal. The weight of the M’s Old Faithful Sweater is impressive as well; I believe that the sweater could be worn pretty much anytime between August and March without seeming too heavy/light for the weather. There are two sets of pockets which accommodate large amounts of junk – pens, cell phones, wallets, and anything else that can fit – without looking bulky.

M’s Old Faithful Sweater is one of the best pieces of clothing that we have reviewed for NeuFutur, and I believe that it should be purchased by anyone that wants a fashionable sweater that can be used for a variety of uses while fitting with any color combination that one can throw at it. At $120, I believe that this sweater will last for quite a few years before it needs to be retired. As the holiday season gets closer, I feel that it would be the perfect sort of gift for anyone that may be in the market for a sweater or jacket.

Rating: 9.5/10

M’s Old Faithful Sweater / Mountain Khakis / http://www.mountainkhakis.com

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