Rachael Lampa – All We Need (CD)

I remember seeing Rachael Lampa back in 2000, opening with Stacie Orrico and Plus One. Even back then, ey was able to tie together a tremendous amount of passion and love for the Lord that was absolutely infection. I believe that the production of All We Need provides listeners with a fresh and vibrant look into Lampa’s sound. Lampa’s voice is bolstered especially well during tracks like My One and Only and Remedy; there is such a nice interplay between the aforementioned voice and the rest of the instrumentation.

All We Need succeeds largely through tracks like Remedy; the track provides listeners with the proper amount of momentum to keep them coming back through later-disc tracks like Elevate and Uncharted Territory. With each effort on All We Need building off of one another, there is a cohesion that few albums are able to attain. Finishing the album off with a duet with Jonny Lang (Human), Rachael Lampa has an unqualified success in this new album. Run To You will have listeners singing along, while Beauty’s Just A Word has a much deeper meaning to it than listeners may originally pull from it.

For long-time fans of Lampa, the inclusion of a new version of Live For You works well given the rest of the tracks on the album. Lampa may have been in the Christian music scene for a number of years, but I feel that the work that ey does on All We Need may be some of eir best yet. If you are a fan of Lampa’s work or like your praise of God to come from music, make it a point to pick up All We Need today.

Top Tracks: All We Need, Live For You

Rating: 8.5/10

Rachael Lampa – All We Need (CD) / 2011 Zoe / 12 Tracks / http://www.chordant.com

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