The Stool Pigeon (Blu-Ray)

Where a great deal of thrillers coming from Asian countries are tied with martial arts and are draped with only the smallest amount of plot, The Stool Pigeon is a film that looks back to directors like Hitchcock for influence. What results in this film is something that is tremendously compelling, action-filled, and unique enough to require a number of viewings. Viewers will get deep into the mind of Detective Don Lee (Nick Leung), which has been incontrovertibly changed after a bad decision causes a serious accident. With eir life in shambles, one wonders whether ey acts in the correct fashion when going undercover to break up a theft ring. I believe the strongest part of The Stool Pigeon has to be the true to form police procedure employed here; this film seems very true to life.

Well Go has placed a number of additional features on their Blu-Ray version of The Stool Pigeon. This means that viewers will be treated to a 45 minute Behind the Scenes featurette that breaks down the sheer amount of work that went into the film, while there are two trailers that set up the film in differing and interesting ways. To push things into the hour-plus mark, there is a Making Of featurette present that showcases more of the “behind the camera” activity, while ten-plus minutes of deleted scenes will provide an additional bit of context to the film. Well Go has released a thrilling film in The Stool Pigeon, and viewers should be at the edges of their seats throughout the two-hour run time of the flick. With online retailers halving the price of the release ($16 at some locations), there is no reason that viewers should not pick up the Blu-Ray release of The Stool Pigeon today.

Rating: 9.3/10

The Stool Pigeon (Blu-Ray) / 2011 Well Go Usa / 113 Minutes /

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