Yuck – Yuck Deluxe Edition (CD)

There are a whole slew of different influences and styles that are cultivated during the twelve tracks that comprise the original self-titled effort by Yuck. However, I feel that the album takes a much different tone when a second CD of six tracks are included. Fat Possum has just released a deluxe edition of this album, providing fans with some fun new tracks and a snappy packaging option. Rubber is the final track on the LP, and I feel that it connects quite well to the beginning of the additional EP. Milkshake is the first track on the second disc, and it spins Yuck’s sound out in a bold new direction. Cousin Corona calls back nicely to Suck and Sunday, while Doctors in My Bed showcases more of the technical virtuosity of Yuck more than anything. The second disc ends with Soothe Me, a calming influence that will fully sate listeners; the interplay between vocal and instrumental elements are not paralleled anywhere else on either disc.

With the price of the deluxe edition of Yuck at a hint below $13, there is no reason at this point to purchase a copy of the first run. I feel that the secondary EP has some great tracks (most notably Milkshake and The Base of A Dream Is Empty) that fans of the band should immediately search out. Make sure to pick up this deluxe CD, whether one is a fan of the band or not – see them live, and keep an ear firmly to the ground for any other releases that they may put out in the months and years to come.

Top Tracks: The Wall, Rose Gives A Lilly

Rating: 8.6/10

Yuck – Yuck Deluxe Edition (CD) / 2011 Fat Possum / 18 Tracks / http://www.fatpossum.com

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