Death Will Have Your Eyes (DVD)

Mya Communciation has been releasing rare and otherwise out of print titles for a decent while now, but we have not as of yet been lucky enough to review any of their titles. We received a DVD copy of 1974’s giallo classic Death Will Have Your Eyes, and are pleased to report that it utterly vanquishes all of the DVD bootlegs that have been flooding the market over the last few years. This is because Mya has taken a great deal of care to restore and otherwise polish the film for the DVD format.

For those that have not watched the film, Death Will Have Your Eyes focuses on Louisa (Marisa Mell) and eir descent into prostitution. Rather than fully embrace eir lifestyle, Louisa attempts to make the best possible life for eirself. Meeting a doctor-cum-poet (Farley Granger), Louisa sees eir way out of the ghetto. However, when another individual comes into the picture, things rapidly start getting more larcenous. How Death Will Have Your Eyes resolves will have viewers eagerly anticipating the end from the start and this is done in no small part by the environment and arrangements present in the film. Death Will Have Your Eyes sails on the score of Stelvio Cipriani and the eternal city of Rome as a backdrop, viewers will be teleported back to the time period with little more than a silver disc. Check out the rest of the cast – Mircha Carven, Helga Line, and Luciano Pigozzi all make appearances here.

There are a few additional features for viewers to sink their teeth into – a trailer for the film is present, and a video gallery of the different posters for the movie is also here.

Rating: 8.5/10

Death Will Have Your Eyes (DVD) / 2011 Mya Communciation / 97 Minutes / /

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